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Environmental monitoring: Industrial hemp

Types of Licenses Below, we present the seven types of licenses for activities related to industrial hemp or non-psychoactive cannabis in the country: Ecuadorian Companies In Ecuador there are several companies that market products from industrial hemp and non-psychoactive cannabis. These are some notable examples: National Regulations All activities […]

Academic Surveillance: Industrial Hemp

Ranking of countries with the highest number of publications on industrial hemp We present the ten countries that lead the number of scientific publications related to industrial hemp in the last two decades, in addition to including Ecuador in the comparison. Global evolution of scientific publications around Industrial Hemp The interest […]

Commercial and Competitive Surveillance: Hemp

Ranking of countries with the largest investment agreements This is the top 5 of countries with the highest amounts of investment in innovative technologies, for the hemp sector. Ranking of industries with the largest investment agreements Relevant competitors

Technological Surveillance: Hemp

Ranking of developing countries Next, we show the five countries with the most extensive patent portfolios related to industrial hemp. It is notable that three of the top five countries are Asian. Main R&D&i developers In this section, the institutions with the broadest patent portfolios stand out, divided into the different technological segments. Highlight […]