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EdTech – Educational Technology. We are on the good way?   

Diana Medina G. – CEO, Online Educational Platform With an evident conviction, currently educational institutions have focused their efforts on returning to the traditional face-to-face model. Although some of them continue to work with online platforms, these platforms are used solely for registration and communication; What's more, the vast majority of classes returned to […]

Prospects of 21st Century Education and Analytics as a tool for Active Learning 

Javier Valdiviezo – Coordinator of the Academic and Training Area, CEDIA. The education of the 21st century is based on cooperation and collaboration for the construction of new knowledge. Thanks to the advancement of technology, connectivity and access to information make activist and connectivist learning possible. Learning goes beyond the limits of […]

Ecuador: world power in superfoods?

María del Pilar Mora Zamora – Managing Director, Quality and R&D, ALIMENTARTE SA Today, everyone talks about superfoods, their characteristics, their benefits and, above all, their position in the food market. The dissemination of their knowledge today, and thanks to globalization, has been significantly incorporated into […]