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PATENT OF INVENTION Reference: SENADI-2021-69068

Problem / Opportunity
Bamboo is an abundant resource in the Amazon, to be used in construction, it must be preserved to prevent attack by xylophagous organisms. The "Modified Boucherie" preservation method, unlike more widespread methods such as immersion in swimming pools, allows bamboo culms to be treated with a device that injects preservative liquids under pressure and then it is possible to collect the residues, it does not require as much space for its implementation, being an alternative to use it in reduced spaces and Amazonian communities.

Product / Solution
Although there are several investigations on the subject, the innovation of this proposal lies in the fact that this device is designed with supplies available in the country, it is easy to assemble or repair, it is assembled without the need for tools, it is transportable, it can be used in anywhere and operates without the need for electricity, although it can be adapted to a compressor if available. All this thinking of facilitating technology transfer, which makes it possible to preserve bamboo even in spaces and communities located in areas of difficult access, plantations, etc.

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