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Surveillance and Intelligence: Superfoods

“We are what we eat”, the famous phrase of the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, has been extensively proven by the scientific community.

Our diet is closely related to physical development, disease prevention and, in general, to the lifestyle we lead. That is why efforts have increased to incorporate healthier foods with a higher nutritional level in our diet; In this context, superfoods and their importance arise. Undoubtedly, a booming strategic sector, such as superfoods, requires the adoption of new technologies.
Innovating is an essential part of specialization and competitiveness; however, innovation is not directed at a single actor. Collaboration is key to sharing experiences and developing new and effective solutions that have a real impact in these areas of expertise.

Through the following surveillance, a focused look at the market and technological development is presented:

Academic Watch: Superfoods

Technology Watch: Superfoods

Trade and Competitive Watch: Superfoods

Environmental Surveillance: Superfoods

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